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During the past few months, with the help of family, distant cousins, aunts, uncles and recently discovered Swedish relatives, I have been able to trace the name “Bergfalk” and its lineage back to 1687.  The translation of “Bergfalk” into English is “Mountain Falcon”.  The family “Bergfalk” has no coat of arms and probably never did.

The authors of this site are descendants of the Bergfalk legacy.  During the late 1800’s, several “Bergfalks” immigrated to America, all being descendants of Lisa Jonsdotter (1831-1862) and Carl Johan Bergfalk (1812).

As a result, the authors decided to prepare this site with Lisa Jonsdotter and her husband, Carl Johan Bergfalk as the fulcrum point relative to the specific links.  The first link, Pre-Bergfalk, traces the ancestry of Lisa and Carl Johan.  The site also includes the legacy prior to the actual name “Bergfalk” being used.

The link “Immigration” will begin to trace the Bergfalks who remained in Sweden to those who came to America.  Research indicates that ten (10) Bergfalks originally came to the United States of America; five (5) during the late 1880’s and five (5) during the early 1900’s. Sub-links under “Immigration” will address the above referenced groups.

Other links will allow the website visitor to browse information on the “Bergfalk” family, contact us with information, comments or clarifications, guest book to sign in and yet to be developed a community information board to communicate upcoming events.

If anyone has any old photos of “Bergfalk’s” please contact us.  I personally want to thank all that have helped gathering information, sharing stories and restoring friendships and to share a favorite quote of mine, “there are no strangers, only friends who haven’t met”.  Thank you for coming to our site and please enjoy.